Adopt-A-Road Program

The purpose of the Blaine County Adopt-A-Road Program is to promote litter-free Blaine County road rights of way by providing an opportunity for volunteer groups to "adopt" sections of County roadways to conduct litter clean-up. This program also offers volunteer groups an inexpensive project that gives members the satisfaction of contributing to the community and generates publicity for the volunteer group's service activities.

How To Apply

To apply, please fill out the adopt a road application and bring it to Morgan at the Administrative Services Department at the Old Courthouse at 206 First Ave S Suite 305 or send it to her through email. Or fill out the online form here

General Program

  • Blaine County Adopt-A-Road Program is a litter control program for County road rights of way that allows volunteer groups to support Blaine County by “adopting” sections of County roadways to conduct litter cleanup.
  • Volunteer groups may apply to adopt a one-mile stretch of a County road right of way.
  • Blaine County will work with the group to determine the specific section of the County road right of way to be adopted. Groups will be able to specify their preference, which will be granted unless it is already adopted or there are unusual circumstances with the requested section.
  • Volunteer groups shall be required to adopt a section for two years.
  • A group is required to pick up litter along the designated road right of way a minimum of two times per year for two years.
  • Blaine County provides safety vests, yellow 30-gallon contractor trash bags, and two “roadside litter pickup” temporary warning signs.
  • Blaine County will erect a total of two recognition signs with the group name, one sign at the beginning of each adopted road section in each direction.
  • Volunteer groups are responsible for transporting collected garbage to the Ohio Gulch Transfer Station or the Carey Transfer Station.
  • Blaine County will waive the Ohio Gulch and Carey Transfer Station disposal fees for the garbage collector.