Supervised Probation

Juveniles may be placed on supervised probation after admitting or being found guilty of committing a crime.  Probation is community supervision.  The Magistrate Judge sentences juveniles to complete certain terms as well as outlining expectations of behavior during the probationary period.  In addition, the Magistrate Judge often expects the young person and their parent(s) to negotiate a case plan with the Blaine County Juvenile Probation Department.  A case plan identifies commitments that the young person, the parent(s) and the probation officer will make to increase the likelihood that the young person will be successful.

Discretionary Detention Time is often ordered by the court.  These are detention days that are not scheduled to be served, but are given to the probation officer to use at their discretion.  The probation officer may impose these days if there are concerns about compliance with probation terms. 

Regularly scheduled meetings take place with the young person and their parent(s).  These meetings can happen in a variety of settings and are an opportunity to look at progress on the probation terms, to address concerns and to celebrate successes.  It is the responsibility of the young person and their parents to make sure that they maintain regularly scheduled appointments.  The young person and their parent may also be called into the probation department at unscheduled times.

The Blaine County Juvenile Probation Department encourages and expects parental involvement in their child’s success.   The link regarding Parental Involvement is here: